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Join to get early access and leverage the power of the Ventecon Strategic Intelligence Platform to create business, product and partner strategies that skyrocket your venture.

“Network mining with Ventecon helped us gain quick and deep insights into the recycling industry and evaluate possible roles for ZEISS in this complex ecosystem. Ventecon provided us with a data-driven tool for this purpose and was an excellent strategic advisor.”

Dr. Max F. Riedel

Head of ZEISS Innovation Hub, Carl Zeiss AG

Mining Your Business Strategy

Our artificial intelligence analyzes business sectors and branches to help you position in a market. Millions of economic data points are scanned and synthesized automatically in order to derive a holistic business strategy. We deliver you answers to the most important questions: What to do and how to scale. We don’t provide you with insights, we provide you with ready to use results. #SaaS #SelfService

Ventecon is dedicated to entrepreneurship and we are working on the largest business and solution development AI with autonomous improvement capabilities. We piloted our technology in dozens of projects and have a wide range of customers, from startups to SMEs and corporates; from policy makers to venture builders. As the technology is very powerful, we evaluate your case first and decide if your intentions don’t conflict with our values. Get in touch with us by using the formular, we are happy to help!