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The future is now.

Whether you are in the product discovery or development phase, you will profit from the most intelligent solution AI that optimizes your product manager journey.

The AI finds and prioritizes market related events reading millions of documents, from all over the world, knowing exactly what you are looking for.

Experience your artificial co-worker.

Operating product buddies.

For product managers.

Signal finder

Scanning over 100.000 Documents from various sources every day, the signal finder filters and prioritizes market relevant events for your product strategy and sends you the top 25 results every week / bi-weekly via E-Mail. You only get the information that is relevant and are no longer dependent on hundreds of newsletters, bad contextualized keyword searches or miss relevant events at all.


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Starting at 490 Eur. / Month (3 Seats), annual payment.

task finder

The AI analyzes thousands of documents that are relevant for your product strategy and synthesizes events in the form of user stories and tasks to prioritize features that should be on your roadmap. Results are provided via E-Mail or JIRA. Having read more than a billion economic documents, the AI can synthesize features, map them on demands and derive user stories that solve problems.


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Starting at 3000 Eur. / Month (3 Seats),  annual payment.

path finder

The AI serves as a highly intelligent product strategist that mostly targets the product discovery phase. It helps you position in the market based on capabilities and experience that you have. By specifying a topic like “electric mobility” and passing your “capabilities”, the system can derive full positioning scenarios that optimize value proposition, company fit and partner networks.


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Starting at 15.000 Eur, also supports blue ocean journeys, on-demand.


We are Ventecon. We are Legion. A hybrid of AI and humanity coming to life.

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