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Let us shape the future of data-driven product management together.

Our Product Vision

Everything starts with a Vision.

A Product Intelligence System that augments the intuition of product managers with an artificial intelligence perspective so that they can easily make better decisions to launch new products in demand and optimize existing products. Similar to the principle of a GPT-X model, the system interacts naturally with product managers and provides them with fully generated answers to their queries including references.

The enthusiasm for the vision was followed by implementation in +20 Co-Creation Partnerships over the past 3 years.

Status quo of our Product Intelligence System

Meanwhile our Product Intelligence System has daily updated knowledge about products, their features and characteristics; target groups and customers, their requirements and expectations; competitors, offers of comparable products or alternative solutions; economic, legal, political conditions as well as trends and social changes in your product domains.

You as a user are able to access this knowledge and view your products in a differentiated manner over time by creating queries and alerts in natural language, e.g. questions and hypotheses about your product, product versions, features or targeted user stories. Use cases revolve around launching a new product in demand or optimizing existing products. Among other things, the Product Intelligence System empowers you to validate planned products, user stories and features, as well as monitor market needs, competitive landscape offerings, implemented user stories and features.Β 

Value Proposition

Our Product Intelligence System increases growth, innovative strength, focus and profitability.

πŸš€ Stronger profit, revenue and sales growth

πŸš€ Target group acceptance and reach of additional target groups and partners

πŸš€ Clear differentiation from existing and emerging competitors

Co-Creation Approach

Our Product Intelligence System is capable of understanding markets and products in their interplay. Now we want to bring the artificial intelligence even more in line with human and organizational intelligence by opening a new Co-Creation Phase.

We invite you to become a Co-Creation Partner.


πŸš€ Attractive licensing rights
πŸš€ Alpha and beta programs
πŸš€ Discounts after Co-Creation


πŸš€ Joint backlog design
πŸš€ Startup methods and sparring
πŸš€ Access to new technologies


πŸš€ Co-Creation awareness events
πŸš€ Content mentions
πŸš€ Partner Ecosystem

Management Team

Ventecon Technologies GmbH was founded in 2019 by alumni of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since the day of its foundation, Ventecon has been used for management decisions by companies, business consultancies as well as consortia. Our three founders, computer scientists and business economists, quickly realized that their artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the management of products.

Patrick Beckedorf

Patrick Beckedorf

Product and Technology

IT specialist, Business and Information Systems Engineering (B.Sc.), Computer Science (M.Sc.)

Fuse humanity and technology to break boundaries.

Marvin Wiest

Marvin Wiest

Marketing and Sales

Business and Information Systems Engineering (B.Sc.), Technology Entrepreneurship (M.Sc.)

Keep the planet livable for our children and upcoming generations.

Dr. Markus Lau

Dr. Markus Lau

Co-Creation Management

Industrial Engineering (B.Sc., M.Sc.)​, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management (Ph.D.)

Solve complex problems with simple and suitable solutions​.

Leading companies work with us to shape the future of data-driven product management.

Will you be next?

Co-Creation with Ventecon Technologies

Learn more about the Status quo of our solution and our Co-Creation Offer. Exchange can take place in German or English.

“Ventecon helped us to gain quick yet deep insights into the recycling industry and evaluate possible roles for ZEISS in this complex ecosystem. In doing so, Ventecon not only provided a data-driven tool, the staff also served as excellent strategic advisors to us.”

Dr. Max Riedel, Head of ZEISS Innovation Hub @ KIT

Product Vision

Product Intelligence


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