Catalyst for Innovation – Ideating Business Cases

About the Company:

Founded in Germany, this company has a rich history of delivering precision optics and cutting-edge technology. With a legacy dating back to the 19th century, it has continually evolved, now standing as a global leader in its field. Their innovations have contributed significantly to various industries, including healthcare, research, and manufacturing. This company employs a diverse workforce and operates on an international scale, upholding its reputation as a pioneer in optical and optoelectronic solutions.


Innovation & R&D focused Product Managers in a leading Industrial Technologies company faced the challenge of ideating impactful business cases. The goal was to explore innovative solutions, identify potential business opportunities, and lay the groundwork for strategic advancements within the industrial landscape.

“As Product Managers in the rapidly evolving field of industrial technologies, the challenge for us was not just in generating ideas but in ensuring these ideas were innovative, feasible, and impactful. Ventecon’s AI co-worker revolutionized our approach, bringing a depth of insights and speed that was previously unimaginable.”

Senior Product Manager


Ventecon’s AI Co-worker – A Tactical Ideation Partner

Recognizing the importance of innovative business cases, the Innovation & R&D focused Product Managers leveraged Ventecon’s AI co-worker as a key partner in the ideation phase. The AI co-worker became an integral part of the ideation process, providing valuable insights and accelerating the generation of business cases.

Jobs Module for Ideation Excellence

Using the Jobs module, the AI co-worker engaged with the Product Managers. Over 160 specific questions, hypotheses, and instructions related to ideating business cases were directly addressed, initiating a highly efficient and innovative ideation process.

Ideation Sessions

The AI co-worker facilitated ideation sessions, breaking down the challenge into interconnected subtasks. It worked closely with the Product Managers to analyze market trends, assess technological possibilities, and identify gaps that could be addressed through innovative business cases.

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging its ability to draw context from diverse sources, including internet data, research papers, and internal knowledge, the AI co-worker provided data-driven insights. It analyzed the competitive landscape, technological advancements, and emerging industrial trends to guide the Product Managers in creating well-informed business cases.

Multifaceted Approach

Recognizing the complexity of industrial technologies, the AI co-worker took a multifaceted approach to ideation. It considered factors such as manufacturing processes, automation possibilities, and sustainability requirements to ensure that business cases were aligned with the broader goals of the industrial sector.

“The diversity and depth of the business cases we developed with the AI co-worker are a testament to its transformative power. From enhancing efficiency to pioneering new technologies, each case opened new horizons for our company.”

Lead R&D Engineer


Innovative Business Cases

Thanks to the efforts with Ventecon’s AI co-worker, the Innovation & R&D focused Product Managers generated a portfolio of 15 innovative business cases. These cases ranged from efficiency-enhancing solutions to groundbreaking technologies that could reshape the industrial landscape.

Accelerated Ideation Process

The AI co-worker significantly reduced the ideation process time by 92.5%, reducing it from up to four weeks to a few hours, while allowing the Product Managers to explore a wide range of possibilities and focus on other tasks. This acceleration was crucial in staying ahead of competitors and being responsive to rapidly evolving industrial demands.

Strategic Advancements

Armed with the innovative business cases, the Industrial Technologies company was strategically positioned to make advancements in the industrial sector. Togeher with the AI co-worker, the Industrial technologies company developed a strategic plan over a span of one week, usually taking up to four weeks, reducing its required time by 75%. The insights provided by the AI co-worker contributed to informed decision-making and the pursuit of opportunities that aligned with the company’s goals.

“Working with Ventecon’s AI co-worker was a game-changer. It not only accelerated our ideation process but also provided us with a strategic edge in a highly competitive market. The AI’s insights were pivotal in shaping our future direction.”

Director of Innovation


Ventecon Technologies’ AI co-worker demonstrated its effectiveness in empowering Innovation & R&D focused Product Managers in the Industrial Technologies sector during the ideation phase. By fostering collaboration, providing data-driven insights, and facilitating a multifaceted approach to ideation, the AI co-worker played a pivotal role in driving innovation and strategic decision-making.

The AI Co-Worker executed 16 jobs for the Product Managers, including 164 tasks, in a total of 5.6 AI hours, automating tasks and reducing total workload to around a week, usually taking up to eight weeks in a team. In doing so, besides the high acceleration and economics of a strong competitive edge, the AI Co-Worker saved costs and already paid off with a minimum saving of 10.992 Euro.