Driving Success in Transport – Launching a Solution

About the Company:

Originating as a university spin-off over 40 years ago, this company has grown to be a world market leader in Intelligent Transportation Systems for public transit. With a commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability, the company has expanded globally, operating through numerous subsidiaries and offices across various continents.


Marketing-oriented Product Managers in a leading Transport company faced the challenge of orchestrating a successful launch for a new solution. The goal was to introduce an innovative transport solution to the market, effectively communicate its value proposition, and ensure a strong market entry.


Ventecon’s AI Co-worker: A Strategic Launch Partner

Recognizing the critical nature of the launch phase, Marketing-oriented Product Managers enlisted the support of Ventecon’s AI co-worker. The AI co-worker became an indispensable partner, aiding in strategic planning, market analysis, and the development of a compelling narrative for the new transport solution.

Jobs Module for Launch Strategies

Leveraging the Jobs module, the AI co-worker engaged with Marketing-oriented Product Managers. Over 100 specific questions, hypotheses, and instructions related to the launch were directly addressed, initiating the launch solution process.

“Integrating Ventecon’s AI co-worker into our launch strategy was a game-changer. It enabled us to swiftly navigate through market analysis and develop a powerful value proposition. The AI’s ability to break down complex tasks into manageable subtasks was invaluable, making our process more efficient and effective.”

Senior Product Manager

Strategic Market Analysis

The AI co-worker played a pivotal role in analyzing market trends, competitor strategies, and customer sentiments. It collaborated with Marketing-oriented Product Managers to break down tasks into interconnected subtasks, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.

“The AI co-worker’s role in conducting comprehensive market analysis and competitor research was indispensable. It helped us understand our position in the market and fine-tune our product features to meet customer expectations better. This led to a much stronger and more relevant market entry.”

Head of Market Research

Compelling Value Proposition

Using data-driven insights, the AI co-worker assisted in crafting a compelling value proposition for the new transport solution. It analyzed user feedback, assessed competitor positioning, and suggested key features that would resonate with the target audience.

Multichannel Marketing Strategy

Ventecon’s AI co-worker contributed to the development of a multichannel marketing strategy. It provided recommendations on optimal channels for communication, content creation, and engagement strategies to maximize visibility and impact during the launch.


Successful Market Entry

The collaborative efforts with Ventecon’s AI co-worker resulted in a successful market entry for the new transport solution. The product gained attention, and the launch garnered increase in positive responses from both industry experts and end-users. In a conventional scenario, the entire launch process, from direct communication to market entry, might have taken 6 to 8 months. With the AI coworker, the entire process was completed in 2 months, representing a potential time saving of 75%.

“Working with the AI co-worker saved us invaluable time and resources. What would have typically taken months, we achieved in weeks. This not only accelerated our launch but also resulted in substantial cost savings. The AI’s ability to automate tasks and provide strategic insights was crucial in achieving this efficiency.”

Technical Product Manager

Effective Communication

The AI co-worker’s contribution to crafting a compelling value proposition and developing a multichannel marketing strategy ensured that the marketing-oriented approach resonated effectively with the target audience. Clear, consistent, and impactful communication played a key role in the solution’s success. The AI co-worker’s contribution resulted in a 25% increase in positive responses during the launch.

“Ventecon’s AI co-worker revolutionized our multichannel marketing approach. Its recommendations on communication channels and engagement strategies significantly increased our launch visibility. We saw a 25% increase in positive responses, which is a testament to the AI’s impact on our communication effectiveness.”

Digital Marketing Manager

Data-Driven Decision-Making

By leveraging real-time data and market insights, the AI co-worker empowered Marketing-oriented Product Managers to make informed decisions throughout the launch phase. This data-driven approach contributed to a 30% improvement in agility and adaptability in response to market dynamics.

“The strategic insights and data-driven decision-making facilitated by the AI co-worker were pivotal in our successful market entry. We were able to adapt quickly to market dynamics, thanks to the real-time data and market insights provided by the AI. This led to a notable improvement in our agility and a 30% increase in adaptability.”

Marketing Strategist


Ventecon Technologies’ AI co-worker demonstrated its effectiveness in empowering Marketing-oriented Product Managers in the Transport sector during the launch phase. By providing strategic insights, optimizing communication strategies, and supporting data-driven decision-making, the AI co-worker played a crucial role in the successful launch of the new transport solution

The AI co-worker executed 11 jobs for the Product Managers, including 112 tasks, in a total of 3.9 AI hours, automating tasks and reducing total workload to only eight weeks, usually taking up to 32 weeks in a team. In doing so, besides the high acceleration and economics of a strong competitive edge, the AI co-worker saved costs and already paid off with a minimum saving of 36.736 Euro, increased effectiveness, agility and adaptility.