Innovating in Energy Management – Ideation Phase

About the Company:

A global leader in energy technology, this company has a legacy extending over 150 years in pioneering electrification worldwide. With a diverse team of around 96,000, they have a presence in 90 countries, addressing the complex challenge of balancing emission reduction with increased energy supply. Their comprehensive expertise spans from traditional to renewable energy, grid infrastructure to industrial electrification. Driven by a mission to make energy more reliable, affordable, and sustainable, they play a pivotal role in aiding organizations and nations in their journey towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energizing society.


Strategic Product Managers in an energy company faced the challenge of ideating and extending their existing business in E-Mobility to encompass comprehensive Energy Management solutions. The goal was to innovate and identify strategic opportunities within the dynamic energy landscape.


Ventecon’s AI Co-worker Drives Ideation

Recognizing the need for innovative solutions, the Strategic Product Managers turned to Ventecon’s AI co-worker to spearhead the ideation phase. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of the AI, the goal was to generate creative ideas and develop a roadmap for expanding their business into energy management.

Jobs Module for Ideation

The AI co-worker, equipped with the innovative Jobs module, enabled seamless communication between the product managers and the artificial employee. Over 150 specific questions, hypotheses, and instructions related to extending the business into energy management were directly addressed to the AI co-worker.

“The AI co-worker’s autonomy and efficiency were major assets. It handled a range of complex tasks rapidly, allowing us to focus on strategic planning and execution. The time and cost savings were significant, proving the AI co-worker to be an invaluable part of our product management toolkit.”

Senior Product Manager

Ideation Sessions

The AI co-worker facilitated ideation sessions, breaking down the tasks into subtasks that involved analyzing market trends, identifying potential partnerships, and assessing technological advancements in both E-Mobility and Energy Management.

“Working with Ventecon’s AI co-worker opened new horizons for our ideation sessions. Its multifaceted approach, considering emerging trends and regulatory aspects, ensured that our product strategies were comprehensive and forward-thinking. This tool is a must-have for any product manager looking to innovate in today’s fast-paced environment.”

Head of Product Innovation

Data-Driven Insights

Leveraging its ability to draw context from diverse sources, including internet data, industry reports, and internal knowledge, the AI co-worker provided data-driven insights. It analyzed user feedback, assessed competitor strategies, and identified key areas for innovation.

“Integrating the AI co-worker into our product development process was a game changer. Its ability to analyze vast datasets and generate actionable insights helped us stay ahead of market trends and make data-driven decisions. It’s an essential tool for any product manager in today’s competitive landscape.”

Technical Product Manager

Multifaceted Approach

Recognizing the complexity of the ideation challenge, the AI co-worker took a multifaceted approach. It considered factors such as regulatory landscapes, sustainability trends, and emerging technologies to ensure a holistic and forward-thinking ideation process.


Innovative Ideation Roadmap

Thanks to the collaborative efforts with Ventecon’s AI co-worker, the Strategic Product Managers received an innovative ideation roadmap. The roadmap outlined potential product offerings, strategic partnerships, and a step-by-step plan for extending the business from E-Mobility to Energy Management.

“Ventecon’s AI co-worker transformed our ideation process. We were struggling to align our E-Mobility extension with comprehensive energy management solutions. The AI’s ability to sift through vast amounts of data and offer targeted insights was a game-changer. It helped us develop a roadmap that was not only innovative but also perfectly aligned with market trends and customer needs.”

Strategic Product Manager

Accelerated Decision-Making

The AI co-worker significantly reduced the decision-making process time by 75%, allowing the Strategic Product Managers to make informed decisions swiftly. The product managers could confidently plan for the next steps in aligning the business with emerging trends in the energy sector. Traditional decision-making processes without AI involvement might have taken 2 months.

“Our decision-making process was revolutionized by the AI co-worker. Traditionally, developing a strategic approach for such a complex market would have taken us months. With the AI, we managed to compress this timeframe significantly, enabling us to act swiftly and confidently in a dynamic market.”

Product Strategy Lead

Strategic Positioning

Armed with data-backed insights and a comprehensive ideation roadmap, the energy company strategically positioned itself to capitalize on the evolving landscape, ensuring a competitive edge in both E-Mobility and Energy Management. Collaborating with the AI co-worker, the energy company developed a strategic positioning plan over a span of one weeks. Developing a strategic positioning plan traditionally might have taken four weeks for the company.


Ventecon Technologies’ AI co-worker demonstrated its effectiveness in empowering Strategic Product Managers in the energy sector during the ideation phase. By facilitating collaborative ideation, providing data-driven insights, and supporting multifaceted analysis, the AI co-worker proved to be a valuable asset in driving innovation and strategic decision-making.

The AI Co-Worker executed 15 jobs for the Product Managers, including 151 tasks, in a total of 5.3 AI hours, automating tasks and reducing total workload to only three weeks, usually taking up to twelve weeks in a team. In doing so, besides the high acceleration and economics of a strong competitive edge, the AI Co-Worker saved costs and already paid off with a minimum saving of 13.775 Euro.