Sustainable Growth – Empowering Platform Product Managers

About the Company:

Founded in the early 20th century in Germany, this family-owned business is a global leader in home and building automation solutions. With a significant workforce and a presence in multiple countries, they specialize in energy-efficient building ontrols, offering a wide range of products. They actively contribute to industry standards and sustainable energy solutions, emphasizing their commitment to excellence in their field.


Platform Product Managers in a Sustainability-focused organization faced the challenge of driving sustainable growth for their launched platform. The goal was to expand the platform’s reach, enhance sustainability offerings, and foster a collaborative ecosystem.


Ventecon’s AI Co-worker: A Catalyst for Sustainable Growth

Recognizing the need for sustainable growth strategies, Platform Product Managers embraced Ventecon’s AI co-worker as a strategic ally. The AI co-worker became an integral part of the team, assisting in optimizing strategies and driving the expansion of the sustainability platform.

Jobs Module for Growth Strategies

Utilizing the Jobs module, the AI co-worker engaged in direct communication with Platform Product Managers. Over 120 specific questions, hypotheses, and instructions related to growing the sustainability platform were directly addressed, initiating the growth solution process.

Collaborative Ecosystem Expansion

The AI co-worker facilitated collaborative expansion within the sustainability ecosystem. It worked closely with Platform Product Managers to break down growth-related tasks into interconnected subtasks. This collaborative approach ensured that all aspects of the platform, from partnerships to user engagement, were considered for sustainable growth.

Enhancing Sustainability Offerings

Ventecon’s AI co-worker played a crucial role in analyzing sustainability trends, identifying new opportunities, and suggesting enhancements to the platform’s offerings. The AI co-worker leveraged real-time data and industry insights to guide the Platform Product Managers in making informed decisions that aligned with sustainability goals.

Optimizing Resource Allocation

Recognizing the importance of resource optimization in sustainability initiatives, the AI co-worker automated routine tasks, allowing the team to focus on strategic initiatives. It ensured that resources were allocated efficiently, contributing to both growth and environmental sustainability.

“As a newer member of the team, the AI co-worker was instrumental in helping me understand the nuances of our platform’s sustainability goals. The automation of routine tasks was a major relief, allowing me to concentrate on learning and contributing to more strategic initiatives. The AI’s ability to process real-time data and provide actionable insights is astounding. It’s like having an extra brain on the team that works round the clock, ensuring we’re always a step ahead.”

Junior Product Manager


Ecosystem Expansion and Collaboration

The collaborative efforts with Ventecon’s AI co-worker led to the successful expansion of the sustainability platform’s ecosystem. Over 45 partnerships were formed, and collaborative initiatives were undertaken to strengthen the platform’s position as a hub for sustainable practices.

“The AI co-worker from Ventecon transformed how we handle partnerships and ecosystem expansion. The collaborative approach suggested by the AI allowed us to engage with over 45 new partners, significantly strengthening our platform. What’s most impressive is the speed and precision with which the AI operates. Tasks that would take months were completed in a fraction of the time, enabling us to focus on strategic decisions and stakeholder communication.”

Product Manager for Partnerships

Diversified Sustainability Offerings

The AI co-worker’s data-driven insights and suggestions contributed to a 30% increase in the diversification of sustainability offerings on the platform. This resulted in a more comprehensive range of services and features that catered to a broader audience interested in sustainable living and business practices.

“Integrating Ventecon’s AI co-worker into our sustainability platform has been a game-changer. It helped us identify growth opportunities and streamline our strategies effectively. The AI’s ability to break down complex tasks into manageable subtasks was incredibly helpful, especially in collaborating with partners and expanding our ecosystem. The data-driven insights led to a 30% increase in our sustainability offerings, catering to a more diverse audience. The efficiency and time-saving aspects are simply remarkable.”

Platform Product Manager

Resource-Efficient Growth

By optimizing resource allocation and automating routine tasks, Ventecon’s AI co-worker ensured that the growth phase was not only sustainable for the platform but also resource-efficient. The team could achieve growth goals while minimizing environmental impact.


Ventecon Technologies’ AI co-worker proved to be a valuable ally for Platform Product Managers in the Sustainability sector during the growth phase. By fostering collaboration, providing data-driven insights, and optimizing resource allocation, the AI co-worker played a pivotal role in achieving sustainable growth and contributing to the organization’s overarching sustainability objectives. Without the AI co-worker, achieving a similar level of ecosystem expansion, diversification of offerings, and resource-efficient growth might have taken approximately 12 months.

With the AI co-worker, these outcomes were achieved within three months, representing a potential time saving of 75%. The AI Co-Worker executed 12 jobs for the Product Managers, including 120 tasks, in a total of 4.2 AI hours, automating tasks and reducing total workload to three months, usually taking up to 12 months in a team. In doing so, besides the high acceleration and economics of a strong competitive edge, the AI Co-Worker saved costs and already paid off with a minimum saving of 38.400 Euro.