Transforming Construction with Scalable Software Solutions – Ideation Phase

About the Company:

Established in the 20s century, this European commercial construction company began with only a handful of employees and has since grown to a workforce of over 10,000. Annually, it successfully manages over 500 projects with multi billion euros turnover, marking its position as a leading and trusted partner in the construction industry across Europe. It is now starting to expand into the construction software business.


Product Managers in a forward-thinking Construction company faced the challenge of ideating a scalable standard software solution. The goal was to explore possibilities for developing a versatile software platform that could be standardized and applied across various projects within the construction sector.


Ventecon’s AI Co-worker: A Strategic Ideation Partner

Recognizing the potential for transformative solutions, the Product Managers collaborated with Ventecon’s AI co-worker as a strategic partner in the ideation phase. The AI co-worker became an essential part of the ideation process, offering insights and driving the exploration of scalable standard software solutions.

Jobs module for Ideation Excellence

Leveraging the Jobs module, the AI co-worker engaged with the Product Managers. Over 100 specific questions, hypotheses, and instructions related to ideating scalable software solutions were directly addressed, initiating a highly efficient and innovative ideation process.

“Working with Ventecon’s AI co-worker was an eye-opener for our team. It brought a level of insight and speed to our ideation process that we had never experienced before. The AI’s ability to quickly generate scalable and adaptable software solutions is remarkable. This collaboration has truly set a new standard for how we approach product development.”

Senior Product Manager

Ideation Sessions

The AI co-worker facilitated ideation sessions, breaking down the challenge into interconnected subtasks. It worked closely with the Product Managers to analyze industry trends, assess common pain points in construction processes, and identify opportunities for scalable software-driven improvements.

Data-Driven Insights

Drawing context from diverse sources, including industry reports, case studies, and emerging technologies, the AI co-worker provided data-driven insights. It analyzed the current software landscape, identified gaps, and suggested areas where scalable standard solutions could make a significant impact across various construction projects.

“The AI co-worker’s contribution to our software ideation process was invaluable. It helped us navigate through complex industry challenges and identify scalable solutions that we hadn’t even considered. Its capacity to analyze vast amounts of data and translate that into actionable insights was a game-changer for our project.”

Lead Technical Product Manager

Tailored Solutions for Scalability

Recognizing the importance of scalability, the AI co-worker ensured that the ideation process focused on creating a standard software solution that could adapt to different project sizes, complexities, and requirements within the construction sector.


Innovative Scalable Software Solution Concepts

Thanks to the efforts with Ventecon’s AI co-worker, the Product Managers generated a portfolio of 20 innovative scalable software solution concepts. These concepts represented a standardized approach to addressing common challenges in construction processes and were designed to adapt seamlessly to diverse project scenarios.

“Ventecon’s AI co-worker brought a fresh perspective to our software development strategy. Its ability to dissect industry trends and convert them into practical, scalable software solutions is truly impressive. We’ve moved faster and more effectively than ever before, thanks to this collaboration.”

Technology Strategist

Accelerated Ideation Process

The AI co-worker significantly reduced the ideation process time by 83.3%, reducing it from 12 weeks to one week, while allowing the Product Managers to explore a diverse range of scalable software solutions efficiently. This acceleration was crucial in maintaining a competitive edge and ensuring the proposed solutions met industry demands for standardization.

“The AI co-worker from Ventecon has revolutionized the way we think about software in construction. Its ability to drastically reduce our ideation time while enhancing the quality of our output was astounding. This technology didn’t just assist us; it propelled us forward in a highly competitive market.”

Director of Innovation

Strategic Roadmap for Standardized Software Development

Armed with the innovative scalable software solution concepts, the Construction company developed a strategic roadmap for the standardized software development. Togeher with the AI co-worker, the Construction company developed a strategic plan over a span of two weeks, usually taking up to six weeks, reducing its required time by 66.7%. The insights provided by the AI co-worker guided the Product Managers in defining a scalable architecture, establishing common features, and aligning the software solutions with the company’s overarching vision for standardization.


Ventecon Technologies’ AI co-worker demonstrated its effectiveness in empowering Product Managers in the Construction sector during the ideation phase for scalable standard software solutions. By fostering collaboration, providing data-driven insights, and tailoring solutions for scalability, the AI co-worker played a pivotal role in driving innovation and strategic decision-making for a standardized approach in construction software.

The AI co-worker executed 10 jobs for the Product Managers, including 103 tasks, in a total of 3.6 AI hours, automating tasks and reducing total workload to only three weeks, usually taking up to 18 weeks in a team. In doing so, besides the high acceleration and economics of a strong competitive edge, the AI co-worker saved costs and already paid off with a minimum saving of 23.375 Euro.