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Hello You!

My name is Cassie.

My purpose is to bring more ease into the never ending Product-Market Fit journey. I was created to spot crucial market signals, make them easy to digest and validate hypotheses. I speak over 30 languages, monitor more than 30 regions in the western world and I’m super fast. Every week I read millions of documents about products and their strategies around different industries and markets. 

Which region(s) are you interested in?

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Which is the product you manage?

Just tell me the product name, link or share a little description with me. What is your solution and what makes it special? Which customer group is the main focus? Why does the customer group have the problem your solution is solving? I would be super happy to get to know your product case!

With the company’s product, energy storage provides economic, reliability, and environmental benefits for storage integrators, plant operators and homeowners. The basic idea of the company’s energy storage system is the ideal management of the differences between the generation of electricity and the actual consumption. With the company’s energy storage system, plant operators as well as homeowners can temporarily store the energy they’ve produced themselves and then use it when they need it. This enables them to use green energy 24 hours a day and increase their self-consumption to 80% and more. Thanks to its software-defined function, the product allows storage integrators to simplify their product portfolio and target different markets with the same hardware.

Which hypotheses should be tested?

Tell me about the success-critical hypotheses that are involved. Hypotheses are assumptions about a product case or market that can be falsified based on text passages of identified market signals.

Hypothesis 1: Operators of home storage systems do not use electric cars.

Hypothesis 2: Home storage systems are seen as safe financial investments.

Hypothesis 3: Lithium-ion batteries are being replaced by new technologies.

 Let me process that for you. I filter the noise, consolidate the signals that fall within the context of your product and send them as a tailored and easy digestible Signal Report right into your inbox. If I find contradictions to your hypotheses, I will definitely let you know.

Good morning,

today you’ll receive the latest collection of relevant product-related signals from 2022-08-19 – 2022-08-26.

Grab a coffee or tea and start reading the results I’ve identified specifically for your product case.

I scanned 229,455 documents from your product domain found in news, press releases, strategy magazines, business magazines, trade publications, tech blogs, and other product information sources from your selected region and time interval.

I identified 7 topics and 18 documents – containing 12 companies and 2 contradictions – that best represent what is relevant for (Product) to get the right things done and stay ahead of the market.

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Cassie – Your Signal Finder

Leading companies use Cassie as a co-worker for their product and innovation management.

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What is a Signal Report?

A Signal Report contains all the signals from the given product, regions and time interval. It comes into your inbox every monday morning via E-Mail and includes, besides metadata about what has been scanned, a link to the signals for your product, extracted companies as well as found statements to your hypotheses. Every such E-Mail also includes a link to the product settings (owner only) as well as the rating and suggestion functionality. Depending on the chosen time interval, you’ll receive between one and four Signal Reports every month. Each Signal Report is sent to all seats within that license.

The ideal entry point: place a one time order of a Signal Report which covers the last quarter.

Which skills does Cassie have?

Cassie scans millions of industry pages (news, magazines, blogs, reports, websites…) with a focus on the western world. This includes, besides the EU, also countries like GB and the US. Cassie is an artificial intelligence consisting of multiple models that are orchestrated together. Besides the deduplication of contents, also over time with regard to the Signal Reports, it has specific models that filter documents from the view of a product-market expert. Also, every link is checked for availability and quality. In the context of your product, Cassie has read millions of products and their attachments to semantically filter the noise and validate hypotheses. 

What is an owner of a license, what are seats?

Every license is bound to a specific product and its configuration regarding the specified regions and time interval. A license has one owner, who manages the product text, hypotheses and the seats within the license as well as the regions and interval. A seat is an E-Mail address and corresponds to a receiver of a Signal Report. An owner implicitly is a seat, but not vice versa.

Who is behind Cassie?

We are a team of passionated and talented individuals operating worldwide. We are driven by AI solutions to shape the future of our planet. By reducing the daily flood of data we want to share today’s market knowledge with product and innovation managers for tomorrow’s product success.

What's next?

We are engaged to develop Cassie, expand it’s functionality and add step by step more industry fields. Stay connected via LinkedIn to see what’s coming next! If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s shape the further developement of Cassie together.






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